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A nationally recognized real estate development, economics and financial advisory services firm, BBPC provides comprehensive, technical and multi-disciplinary services to municipal, state, federal, private and institutional clients interested in maximizing the value of their real estate and infrastructure. Experts in navigating complex regulatory and approval requirements

BBPC advises on high-profile projects including public private partnerships, enhanced use leases, utilities and infrastructure. With unmatched experience and expertise assisting hundreds of public and private sector clients in the United States and abroad, we are responsible for over $15 billion in real estate development. Our focus on implementation and our success in exceeding the goals of our clients remains unparalleled.

“For over 20 years BBPC has supported our clients providing consulting services .”



Advised On More Than - $15 Billion Of Real Estate Development.


Awarded Bond Buyer Deal Of The Year In 2007.


Successfully Privatized Over 50 Department Of Defense Military Housing Projects Representing More Than 65,000 Housing Units Across All Branches Of Service.

Conservation Pilot Program

Developed Utilities Conservation Pilot Program That Resulted In An 8% Yearly Savings. Client Is Currently Implementing Nationwide, With An Estimated Annual Energy Conservation Valued Greater Than $10 Million.

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President And Owner

Mr. Cole has over 20 years of experience in economic development, planning and real estate development. Mr. Cole has been responsible for providing predevelopment research, project management and feasibility analysis for residential, industrial, commercial, multi-modal and transit-related projects. His comprehensive planning and development skills help provide macro understanding combined with detailed analytical expertise.

During the last 15 years, Mr. Cole has advised and consulted on the launch of 32 Department of the Navy privatization projects, providing over 65,000 units with total development costs in excess of $9 billion. Mr. Cole has also been actively involved in bilateral negotiations with the Government of Japan representing the Navy in planning for the transfer of assets to Guam from Okinawa. In addition, Mr. Cole has assisted with Army, Air Force and Coast Guard privatization initiatives and other special projects.

Mr. Cole leads a staff of professionals specializing in public private ventures, utilities and infrastructure privatization, enhanced-use leasing, economic development, real estate finance and development, feasibility analysis, strategic planning and asset management.

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Mr. R. Thomas Cole

Owner and President

leads a staff of professionals specializing in public/private ventures, military housing privatization, utilities privatization, enhanced-use leasing, BRAC, economic development, real estate finance and development, policy, regulatory issues, law, and economic and market analysis.

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